The Secret Behind Producing a Successful Festival

When trying to put together any event, there are a few things that you can keep in mind to maximize the effect of whatever you’re doing. Whether it’s for fundraising, publicity, or just plain fun, the more successful your event is, the better.

Understand Your Goal

You can’t plan to set something like this up if you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve with it.

What you have to do is get together with everyone who’s in charge of planning, decide on a sentence that states what you’re trying to do, and then write it down.

On a piece of paper, on your phone, on a whiteboard, and on all the memos you send. Make sure everyone knows what you’re trying to do.

Choose a Place

Once you know what you want to do, look for places to hold your event in.

The venue is famous. It decides who you can bring in to speak, what you can bring in to entertain people, and what facilities are available for you to utilize.

Ideally, the venue should have a connection with the cause you’re trying to achieve, something in common that you can point out to people when they ask why you chose the venue you did.

The venue is everything. Do not skimp on this.

Script Your Event

Separate from the goal you wrote down; you have to have a plan for your event.

This seems simple, but so many people skip over this or get it wrong. You have to have an itinerary or plan for everything that is going to happen in your event, and every event has to have a significant meaning for your event.

Even if something is just filler until the next significant thing comes along, it still should have something to do with what you’re trying to do.

Direct the Event

Once you have the script for your game, you have to stage the event then.

Staging is a fancy term that means you have to draw the audience’s attention, get them excited for what’s to come, and then make your events as dramatic as possible.

It’s kind of like being a magician on stage. You have to excite people up for the trick you’re about to perform.

Be dramatic, be flashy, and be big. Tai Lopez did it right. The 67 steps Tai Lopez event was a big hit in Los Angeles, CA.

Make People Remember You

Whatever it is, be it an emotional moment, a shock, or something like it, you have to have a moment that people will remember.

You have to make them want to tell their friends about what they saw. When they’re sitting around the table out on the back porch, summer heat pressing down on them and cicadas chirping in the trees, you want them to remember your event in a flash and excitedly pipe up to tell everyone sitting with them.

In addition to this…

Have a Message People Remember

When people remember your event and start telling people about it, you also have to have a message that they should remember.

When your event has come and gone, and your cause has been achieved, your event should still spark in people’s memories. When it does, you should have a message that you know you want them to remember that supersedes your event.